Like it or not, physics plays a major role in defining what you might look like. Here on Earth, two physical forces—gravity and time—are responsible for one of the most obvious effects of aging: droopy, sagging skin.
For many men and women, this loosening of the skin is a major cause for concern. Seen as a reduction of their physical beauty, this sign of aging can cause some people to feel less confident about themselves and frustrated at their helplessness against the ravages of time.

Fortunately, medical science offers people who want to combat the effects of aging a means to defy gravity and time, at least momentarily through surgery. Using the facelift procedure, doctors can tighten a patient’s skin to give them back the appearance of youthfulness they once had.
Facelifts are performed by creating an incision above the patient’s hairline. After separating the skin from the underlying tissue, the surgeon pulls the facial skin upward toward the hairline, while also removing excess fat and tightening muscles. This creates the appearance of tight, young skin.

After the skin has been pulled up, the surgeon then removes any excess skin and closes the incision. Since the incision is above the hairline, the wound is hidden from view, giving patients the youthful look they desire without any unsightly visible scars as a compromise.