Wrinkles, liver spots and moles, not to mention sagging chins and droopy eyelids. These are just a few of the problems your face might have that you want a solution to. If these come too early for your age, you’ll want to have them corrected with a facelift, the secret behind many celebrities’ seemingly ageless faces.

Previously, plastic surgeons were concerned about doing multiple procedures to deal with the signs of aging in the face and neck; this puts the patient at risk of skin loss and trauma. A recent study, however, suggests that total face rejuvenation procedures—which include an extensive facelift to tighten the skin and muscle, implants to restore fullness, and laser resurfacing for the skin’s irregular texture and color—can be done simultaneously and yield the same rate of healing.

In addition, you don’t need to wait until your face displays every sign of skin aging. At the earliest onset of any sign, you can already prevent it from worsening through a facelift. When you get a facelift before the danger signs appear, you’ll have a quicker recovery period after your procedure, and it would cost relatively less than when the danger signs have progressed. An early facelift could also halt your skin’s aging.

Age doesn’t have to come with a droopy, haggard face. Like the celebrities, you can age as gracefully with a little help from a cosmetic surgeon in Beverly Hills.